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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCBannedPlayerStruct with information of banned player
oCCallBackManagerHandles callbacks from the server
oCCallVoteRatioStruct with a callvote ratio
oCChatCommandStuct containing information about a chat command
oCCommandManagerManages the chat commands
oCConfigReads and stores configuration information
oCControllerStruct with all instances needed for plugins
oCCurrentCallVoteStruct with a current callvote
oCCurrentNextValueStruct with a current and next value
oCDatabaseHandles the connection to the database
oCDatabaseConfigDatabase connection settings
oCEntryValStruct with entry information
oCEventManagerHandles events (callbacks) from server to plugins
oCExtendedCallVoteRatioStruct with a callvote
oCFormattingFormats TM-input to strip colors/formatting
oCGameModeConverterConverts enum values into usable strings
oCGbxCallBackCallBack from server, de-XML-fies the callback
oCGbxErrorStores error details from the communication with the server
oCGbxFirstResponseResponse received on handshake
oCGbxMessageXML-fies the message for communication with the server
oCGbxParameterXML-fies the parameter for communication with the server
oCGbxParametersList of parameters
oCGbxQueryResponseResponse received after a query is sent
oCGbxRemoteHandles communication with the ManiaPlanet server
oCGbxResponseResponse from server, de-XML-fies the response
oCGbxResponseParameterParameter deducted from server response
oCGbxServerResponseResponse from server, de-XML-fies the response
oCGbxStructParametersList of struct parameters
oCGitVersionContains information about a Git release (version)
oCGZipUtility to gzip strings
oCHexUtility to print char arrays/pointers as hexadecimal values
oCLoggingUtility to print information to the console
oCManiaLinkPageAnswerStruct with a ManiaLink page answer
oCManiaPPMain class
oCMapContains all information about a map in easy-to-use format
oCMapListContains the maplist and a pointer to the current map
oCMethodsContains all server methods and returns usable data types
oCParameterPointer and type information of a parameter
oCPlayerContains all information about a player in easy-to-use format
oCPlayerRankingStruct with player ranking
oCPluginPlugin interface, inherited by all plugins
oCPluginConfigPlugin settings
oCPluginInfoStruct with information about a plugin
oCPluginManagerManages the plugins
oCProgramConfigProgram settings
oCServerConfigServer connection settings
oCServerInfoStruct with server information
oCServerStatusStruct with server status
oCServerVersionStruct with server version information
oCSystemInfoStruct with system information
oCTcpClientSocket connection with server
oCTextContains utilities to format text
oCTimeContains utilities to format map times
oCUIFrameManiaLink for UI
oCUIListManiaLink for UI list
oCUIManagerManages the user interface on the server (ManiaLinks)
oCVersionCheckerChecks Mania++ version (and possibly plugin versions)
\CVersionCompareCompares string versions